I wasn’t sure how much time or commitment I wanted to put into this blog, so I haven’t advertised its presence anywhere as yet (and hence, have no real readers). I wanted to get a handful of posts under my belt and see if I felt it would be a useful exercise for me, interesting to others, and if I even had time to keep it up.

Then, shortly after my first post, I broke my clavicle. You might think that being laid up on the couch while my bone healed would be a great time to write some blog posts, and you’d be right… but I didn’t do that. Maybe it says something about my interest in doing this that I didn’t use my energy towards writing during that period. Whatever the reason, the end result was the blog falling off my to-do list.

Completed recycling bin.

However, as soon as I was physically able, I returned to the shop to finish a recycling bin project which had been only partially complete for many months. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I have trouble with procrastination. And yet, the more I became physically whole again and worked in my studio, the more ideas kept rolling around in my head for blog posts and things I wanted to talk about. So, I will redouble my efforts, and put some stuff out here, and hope it starts a conversation or two.


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